Business Organizing

Disorganization costs companies thousands of dollars in revenue annually. Organizer AZ 911 will examine the effectiveness of your daily workflow and current time management practices to help you implement organizational strategies and develop systems to improve performance.  Our goal is to help you increase your productivity, and provide you with strategies for planning, scheduling and prioritizing your tasks to meet deadlines and project goals.  Organizer AZ 911 will show you a variety of organizational systems to enhance your working environment to create additional profit for your company.

Organizer AZ 911 will organize:

Filing Systems Paper Management Office Clutter
Project Coordination Mail Management Resource Materials
Calendar Planning Prioritizing Tasks Storage Facilities
Record Storage Warehouse Systems Shipping Procedures
Office Supplies Furniture Arrangement Time Management



  • The average worker wastes 2.5 hours a week looking for documents missing in poorly organized electronic and paper files.


  • Distractions cost businesses $10,790 a year per worker.


  • In surveying 1000 middle managers of companies in the U.S., 59% miss important information almost every day because it exists within the company but they cannot find it.

How Do I Get Started?

Just Contact Me!


Step 1

Assessment Appointment (Flat Fee) – takes approximately 1-2 hours

Meet at your office and discuss:

  • Productivity goals for the company
  • Current systems and procedures that are in place
  • Which systems work well/ which systems need work
  • Paper management systems
  • Time management systems
  • Estimate time needed to complete the project
  • Discuss budget allotted for project

Step 2

On-Site Organizing (Hourly Rate)

On-Site Organizing can be scheduled outside of work hours to minimize any disruption to the workflow during office hours for organizational projects focusing on filing systems, paper management, office clutter, mail management, furniture arrangement, office supplies, record storage, and warehouse organization.  We will work side-by-side throughout the organizing process.  For help with streamlining productivity and time management issues, it is necessary to sit alongside employees throughout the day to determine where time/productivity is not being maximized.  An hourly fee is charged for “On-Site Organizing” with a minimum 4-hour block purchase.