Personal Organizing

Sometimes we become overwhelmed when our schedules become overbooked. Sudden changes or demands in our daily routines make it hard to organize and prioritize everything. Our schedules become too full and we can’t get to all that needs to be done. The list of things left undone clutters our minds, and leads to increased stress. This clutter in our minds is called “non-physical” clutter. Organizer AZ 911 will help you identify the Non-Physical clutter and arm you with techniques and strategies to help you regain peace and control in your life. Organizer AZ 911 will help you learn to manage your time and maximize your productivity.

Organizer AZ 911 can help you organize the following areas:

Prioritizing Commitments Organizing Daily Routines
Scheduling Errands/Appointments Managing Non-Physical Structure
Creating “To Do” Lists Setting Realistic Goals
Time Management Paper/Mail Management Strategies
Event Planning Schedules Academic/Sport/Social Schedules
Bill Management Strategies Creating New Reference Documents


How Do I Get Started?

Contact me for a FREE Consultation!

Step 1

Phone/Email Assessment Consultation – FREE ($30 value)

  • We will discuss your daily work and responsibilities in your life
  • We will talk about what you hope to achieve, as well as your goals and dreams
  • We will figure out which areas in your life are running smoothly and which areas need attention
  • We will examine the list of responsibilities and commitments you have
  • We will determine what you hope to accomplish and discuss what is needed to succeed in your plans
  • We will set up appointment for an “In-Home Strategy Meeting”

Step 2

In-Home Strategy Meeting (Hourly rate – 2 hour minimum)

  • List your priorities
  • Organize tasks
  • Work on “To Do” Lists
  • Setting realistic time allotments
  • Learning when to say “no”
  • Teach you how to prioritize tasks
  • Set up systems and plans to accomplish your goals