My Success is measured by the happiness of my clients.

Kathleen (Phoenix, AZ)

I was about to become an empty nester so I downsized from a 4,000 square foot house (with all the neat amenities that I had built in) to a 2,600 square foot house. Consequently, my new house was jam packed with boxes, furniture and decorative items I no longer could use or find a place for but couldn’t yet bear to part with.  My garage was so full I couldn’t park my car inside.

I was in a state of panic and anxiety was beginning to set in. I decided to call in the professionals – I needed an organizer! I Googled “professional organizer” and found my savior Pam.  She immediately responded to my email and met with me the next night to get an idea of the direness of my situation. Suffice it to say, she didn’t run screaming when I opened the door, but immediately got to work taking pictures, making suggestions, and setting a date for that weekend to tackle the job.

Pam arrived promptly on Saturday morning armed with organizational tools and started on the kitchen. We went cabinet by cabinet, and at the end of the day, everything had a home that was easy to access, made sense for my daily life and had a purpose. I couldn’t believe it could be done! She left that night with additional suggestions for storage solutions in the kitchen and pantry areas. The next morning, she returned with all kinds of storage containers that I never knew existed, and creative suggestions for how to make use of them. We tackled my office/sewing room with the time left and she made me realistically face my demons regarding ridding myself of my fabric hoarding!

After one weekend, I had the courage and ability to tackle the remainder of the rooms in my house, and can happily report that I can now get my car in the garage. Pam was a lifesaver. Her voice remains in the back of my head as I continue to unpack the remainder of the boxes. I now look with a critical eye at whether I am willing to keep an item. Less stuff equals less stress.

Pam has the patience of a saint, and a calm, non-confrontational but firm demeanor that encouraged me to toss old, worn-out, duplicate items. Once I caught on, I filled my trashcan in one day, and had bags and boxes of goods to donate! Pam was the best decision I made after downsizing.  If this scenario sounds familiar, do what I did – call Pam. You’ll feel better quickly. She was worth every penny (which was very reasonable!)


Teri (Anthem, AZ)

I should have done this years ago!  When Pam said she was starting her organizing business in Anthem, it was my husband who said, “When can she come over?”  I showed her a couple of closets and then asked her if she dared to see the “ART ROOM.”  She was actually excited to start there first, which was a relief to me.  This is the heart of our home…it is where I do my work, it is where we keep all the office and craft supplies, it is also where the kids like to do homework, etc.  So it had become a huge mess.

Pam took photos, listened to our needs, and gave encouragement that this could be done.  She wanted to help me get my room back!  She surprised me and went above and beyond my expectations.  First of all, she went home and designed several options for furniture placement, researched various types of storage ideas that would be suitable, and came up with a complete estimate of her time and did not miss a beat.  She printed this all up and presented it in a binder, and I was blown away.

Then we scheduled a day to start.  Pam worked with me to decide on what to keep and what not to keep.  One statement she made during this process that really helped me get rid of at least half of the items I had been hanging onto was “Try to just keep what you need NOW.”  And it helped me to put boxes and boxes full of things out of the room so I could have my space back!

It feels great to be able to get right to what we need.  Now when I go into this room, I want to stay in there and create things, rather than drop off something and run away.   I am so grateful that people like Pam are willing to put their talents to work.  This is the perfect business for her, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who struggles with getting organized.  It is worth every penny to be able to have my space be useful.