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10 Tips for a More Organized Spring Cleaning!

Updated: Feb 15

Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to declutter and get things organized around your home! As you take things out to clean around them, why not take the opportunity to declutter and set up systems to make all of your daily tasks faster and easier to do?!

Tip #1

Be sure to create a PLAN before you start cleaning and organizing. Go through each room of your home and make a list of the areas you want to clean and organize.


Tip #2

Be careful with your SCHEDULE. Don't underestimate the time it will take to get each task done.


Tip #3

Make a complete LIST of any cleaning supplies you might need. You don't want to have to stop in the middle of cleaning because you have to go shopping for a missed item!


Tip #4

Take ONE ROOM at a time, and complete that room before starting on the next room.


Tip #5

DECLUTTER first before you start to clean. You don't want to waste valuable time cleaning items that you no longer plan to keep.


Tip #6

When cleaning any room, work from the TOP to the BOTTOM. Start with the ceiling, work your way down the walls, and finish with the floors.


Tip #7

Take everything out and ASSESS what you truly need and use regularly. Items you use frequently should be placed in areas that are easy to get to, making them easy to use, and easy to put away!


Tip #8

GROUP similar items together. Avoid over filling cabinets and drawers. Leave a little open space in each area for those unexpected changes that can happen in life.


Tip #9

Many hands make light work. Get the entire FAMILY involved.


Tip # 10

CHECKLISTS will help you stay on track. I've created a downloadable PDF that includes checklists for virtually every room in your home. Click the button below to get yours!!!

Good luck with your Spring Cleaning and Happy Organizing!

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