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Public Speaking Engagements

Let me come and speak to your group, club, or business and share my organizing tips and strategies with you. I offer a wide variety of organization topics that you can choose from. Presentations can also be customized to fit your specific group, club, or business organizational needs.

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Home Organization Topics Include

Closet Organization
Kitchen Organization
Home Office Organization
Bedroom & Bathroom Organization
Garage Organization
General Everyday Organizing Strategies

Organizing with Children

Business Organization Topics Include

Desk and General Office Organization
Paperwork and Filing Organization
Inventory & Storage Room Organization
How to Increase Productivity
Time Management Skills


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Other Organization Topics I Offer

Digital and Physical Photo Organizing
How to Get Organized for a Move
Getting Organized for the Holidays
Organizing on a Budget
Organization for Seniors
Pros & Cons of Popular Organizing Trends



During my 1-hour presentation, I will share all of my best organizing tips and strategies for the topic your group, club, or business has selected. You will also receive detailed notes on everything I discuss in the presentation so that you will be able to sit back and enjoy the tips I share without having to worry about taking notes. There will always be time at the end of the presentation for any specific questions you may have. 

*Travel Fees may be applied for presentations requested outside of my normal service area.

Let me share my expertise with you!

"I am devoted to helping people learn organizational strategies and techniques so that they can create spaces within their homes and businesses that support and enhance their daily lives. It's not about putting things into pretty boxes and labeling them. It's about creating systems within your home or business that match specifically with your  personality, your daily habits, and your daily routines. You want to create systems that will support your efforts to achieve your dreams and not fight them."  ~ Pam

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