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How to Make 10 Meals in Only 10 Minutes During the Holidays!

The holiday season is a whirlwind of joy and festivities, but it can also be a whirlwind of busyness and stress. As the days grow shorter and our schedules become packed with holiday to-dos, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when it comes to meal planning. But don't worry, because I have a game-changing tip I want to share with you that will make preparing meals during the holiday season a whole lot easier.

What IS my tip you ask??? Make double (or even triple) batches of every meal you prepare early in the season! By simply doubling/tripling up on dinner prep now, you'll be able to free up loads of your valuable time later in the holiday season when things are much more hectic. It's a time-saving, stress-reducing strategy that allows you to stay organized and enjoy the festivities a lot more with your loved ones.

Here's why this tip works so well...

1. Time-Effective Meal Prep:

The beauty of making extra batches is that it doesn't demand additional time. It's a simple concept: for every dinner you prepare now, make double (or even triple) the quantity. You'll be essentially making 2 or maybe even 3 meals now, but with the same effort and time required for only one. You simply freeze the extra batches for future dinners.

2. The Magic of the Crock-Pot: The crock-pot is my #1 "go to" kitchen appliance during the holiday season. It magically simplifies any meal prep process even further. Just place a generous amount of chicken or pork in the crock-pot, add seasonings, and let it simmer all day. The slow cooker does the work, infusing flavors and tenderizing meat. You're left with a delicious, ready-to-serve meal at dinnertime PLUS you will have already created another meal or two you can freeze for a future dinners! WIN-WIN!!!

I've been using this Crockpot for years and I absolutely LOVE IT! It won't bust your budget, it's easy to use, and it's wonderfully reliable.

3. Embrace Versatility:

Plain batches of cooked meat are like blank canvases. You can transform them into various dinners by adding different sauces and seasonings. I usually just add garlic and onion to whatever meat I'm cooking in my crockpot. When the meat is done, I portion it out and create several different flavor options just by adding the various sauces or seasonings I like. I might add barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, spaghetti sauce, taco seasoning or salsa to the meat.

This flexibility makes meal planning a breeze, as you can create as many as 10 different dishes from a single batch of prepared meat! Simply divide the batch into single-serving portions, pop them into the freezer, and you have a reserve of easy-to-access, ready-to-use main courses for your meals. It takes about 1 minute to prep in the Crockpot and about 9 minutes to divide it into single serving portions. This is how you can create 10 different meals in just 10 minutes! As the holiday chaos unfolds, you'll have loads of meals already prepared so that you can just grab them from the freezer, microwave them, and enjoy eating them. It's so fast and it's so easy!

Some Practical Tips for Implementing Double/Triple Batches:

Here are some practical tips for successful implementation when making extra batches.

1. Get an Early Start: The holiday season starts off relatively manageable. Seize this time by making double batches right from the beginning. Each evening, while preparing dinner, you can effortlessly create your holiday meal reserve.

2. Weekend Power Sessions: If your weekday evenings are too hectic, designate a weekend day for a meal-prep power session. Dedicate a few hours to cooking three or four double batches of meals. You'll feel accomplished and ready to conquer the busy holiday weeks ahead.

3. Customize Your Strategy: Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Choose a strategy that aligns with your schedule. Whether you prefer nightly double batches or a weekend cooking marathon, the key is to start now and prepare for the holiday bustle.

As the holiday season gains momentum, you'll be armed with a powerful tool to conquer one of its most demanding aspects - meal preparation. By making double batches of meals, you'll save time and reduce stress. With a well-organized holiday meal reserve at your fingertips, you'll have more moments to savor with your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the art of double batches and simplify your holiday season. Create a culinary arsenal that ensures delicious dinners are just a thaw and a reheat away. May your holidays be filled with laughter, love, and meals made easy, thanks to the magic of double batches.

If you want to explore more ways to reduce your stress during the holiday season, be sure to get my Thanksgiving & Christmas Planners TODAY! My planners contain pages and pages that are of helpful organizing tips, task checklists, meal planners, party planners, clutter-free gift ideas, stocking stuffer ideas, decoration tips, gift & shipping trackers, label templates for holiday storage, and much, MUCH MORE!!!

Happy Holidays & Happy Meal Prep!

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