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5 Amazon Finds to Help Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring is officially here!!!! Which means... it's time to think about tackling Spring Cleaning. But thinking about all of those cleaning chores that await you, might just make you feel a bit overwhelmed. So here are some products I found on Amazon that will hopefully make some of those cleaning tasks a little faster and easier to do.

1) Cleaning Supply Caddy/Tote

One way to make cleaning go faster is the have all of your cleaning supplies within easy reach. This cleaning supply tote is the perfect way to keep all of your cleaning supplies organized and easy to find. This tote measures 21" long 7.1" wide and 11.8" tall. It has 3 interior compartments and 8 exterior pockets. It also has 3 kinds of loops that can hold small brushes, squeegees, or other small tools. Find on Amazon

2) Mop And Broom Holder

With cleaning comes all sorts of cleaning supplies that need to be neatly stored and organized. This holder keeps your mops, brooms, and dusters neatly organized and easy to get to whenever you need them. It has 5 Slots, 6 Hooks, with a 7.5lb capacity per slot. Find on Amazon

3) Clear Bins to Hold Cleaning Products

These large bins (with dividers) are perfect for keeping your cleaning products neat and organized. You can stack them of leave them side by side in your cabinet or closet. The easy-grip handles make it easy to transport. These extra large bins measure: 13.5” x 10” x 6”.

4) Sliders to Help You Move Heavy Furniture

While you are deep cleaning your home, you may find that you need to pull some furniture out of its normal location to clean behind it and under it. Simply lift your furniture a few inches and slide the pads under the feet. You'll be able to easily slide even the heaviest furniture around your house without damaging your floors (or your back). Find on Amazon

5) Swiffer Extendable Handle Duster

Easily reach those ceiling fans and air vents with the Swiffer Extendable Handle Duster. The starter kit comes with 6 duster refills and the handle is able to extend up to 6ft. Find on Amazon

Check out this CLEANING HACK that may make cleaning your tile floors a whole lot easier to do!

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