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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Closet "Look" More Organized!

Don't we all wish that our closets could be a peaceful sanctuary of style and organization? But the truth of the matter is, often times our closets are where chaos reigns supreme. They seem to be the battleground between fashion and functionality.

But you can achieve the illusion of organizational bliss with minimal effort. You can easily transform your closet into a visual oasis of organization. So say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a space that exudes serenity and style. Here are 4 easy ways to make your closet "look" more organized in no time at all!

1) Use the Same Style Hangers

Maintaining a uniform appearance in your choice of clothes hangers is a fast, easy, and even sometimes budget-friendly strategy that will create visual harmony in your closet. By opting for the same style and/or color of hangers throughout your closet, you instantly eliminate the distracting clutter caused by mismatched hangers. This cohesive look not only creates a sense of sophistication and orderliness to your closet, but it also enhances the overall organizational appearance in your closet. In addition, using the same style hangers throughout your closet helps ensure that your clothing hangs at a consistent level, preventing the uneven appearance that can occur with different styled hanger types. Embracing this simple yet effective game-changing tactic, you can instantly elevate the organization and elegance of your closet.

Photo taken from the closet of an actual Organizer AZ 911 client.

2) Group "Like" Clothes Together

Grouping similar clothing items together in your closet is a fundamental practice of effective organization. It offers both practicality and visual appeal. When you categorize all of your clothes by type—such as shirts, pants, dresses, and outerwear—you create distinct sections that streamline the process of selecting outfits each day. This method not only facilitates quicker decision-making, but it also creates a cohesive and orderly appearance to your closet. Additionally, grouping similar items together allows you to easily assess your clothing inventory. You'll be able to more easily identify duplicates (or gaps) in your clothing. This simple strategy can transform your closet into a well-organized haven that exudes both efficiency and style.

Photo taken from the closet of an actual Organizer AZ 911 client.

These Closet Rack Dividers Can Help You Sort/Organize Your Clothes!

  • They help you group "like" clothes together!

  • They include an erasable water-based marker. (Reusable, but it won't smear).

  • They help sort your clothes by size, color, style, usage, etc.

  • The slotted opening makes them easy to use on a variety of clothes racks.

3) Keep a Donation Bin Nearby

Introducing a donation bin into your closet arsenal serves as a proactive solution to combat clutter and maintain organization. By designating a dedicated bin for items you no longer wear or need, you streamline the decluttering process and prevent unwanted garments from accumulating. This simple yet effective strategy encourages regular wardrobe purges, allowing you to stay on top of clutter and maintain the clothing that truly reflects your style and preferences. Furthermore, having a donation bin readily accessible in your closet serves as a visual reminder to continuously reassess your wardrobe and let go of items that no longer serve you, fostering a clutter-free living space.

These make AWESOME "Donation Bins"

  • They're not too big, not too small (15"x11"x9.5").

  • They are made from premium quality linen fabric.

  • They are resistant to wear and tear.

  • They are easy to clean.

4) Remember the "One In/One Out" Rule

One sure fire strategy for maintaining organization in your closet is to implement the "One In / One Out" rule. It is a technique that will help you prevent clutter from spiraling out of control over and over again. By adhering to this simple guideline—each time you add a new item to your wardrobe, you must remove an old one—you instill discipline and intentionality into your shopping habits. This practice not only helps to curtail impulse purchases but also ensures that your closet remains balanced and clutter-free!

By using similar style hangers, grouping like items together, keeping a donation bin handy, and implementing the "one in, one out" rule, you can easily transform your closet into an oasis of organization and style. You will not only create a visually appealing closet for yourself, but you wil also build a mindset of mindfulness and intentionality in your approach to your closet management. With each deliberate decision and thoughtful action, you will take a step closer to achieving a closet space that reflects your personality, supports your lifestyle, and inspires confidence every time you open its doors!

So, are you ready to take your closet's organization to the next level? Try to implement at least one or two of these simple yet impactful strategies today. Whether you begin by swapping out mismatched hangers, reorganizing your clothing into cohesive groups, setting up a donation bin, or adhering to the "One In/ One Out" rule, every small change contributes to a more streamlined and visually appealing closet. I'd love to hear about YOUR experiences and strategies for making your closet look and feel more organized. Let's inspire each other to create spaces that not only "look" organized but also helps make our daily lives easier. Remember, the journey to a more organized closet begins with a single step—take it now and reap the rewards of a clutter-free and stylish sanctuary!

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Happy Organizing!

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Bill Miller
Bill Miller
Apr 13

All spectacular resources strategies! Well done.

Apr 16
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Thank you so much!!! 😊

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